what is serps in seo

What Is Serps In Seo

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. These are the search results that appear when someone types something into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. They are generated by the search engine itself. 

Serps are the main way we access the internet today. They allow us to quickly locate websites that contain specific keywords. These keywords are usually related to our interests and/or location. For example, if I am looking for a new car, my search might start with a keyword such as ‘car’. When I enter this into the search engine, I get a list of websites that match my search criteria. Some of them may even be local to me. To understand which SERPs you want your business to show up for you will need to perform an SEO audit.

Organic Search Results

Organic search results are those that come up naturally in a search engine. There are no paid placements in this category. All the websites listed in a search are ranked according to their relevancy to the keywords used. Ranking in the organic search results should be a main priority for any treatment center SEO campaign.

Local Packs

A local pack is a collection of websites that are all located near each other. A common example would be restaurants around a city. Each restaurant has its own listing in the local pack. This is always displayed with a map and pins for the locations of the businesses in question. Depending on your population density and the competition for the business type in question, the size of the map will vary. Additionally, the number of businesses competing for spots will change based on the density of businesses in the space and local area.

Paid Search Results

These are the sponsored links that appear at the top of the search results. Usually, they are paid for by advertisers who want to get their message out there to potential customers.

Featured Snippets

This is a snippet of text that appears below some search results. It is used by Google to provide additional context for the search term being entered.

Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel

These are two new features introduced in 2015. They allow Google to display additional data alongside a search result.

For instance, if you do a search for a person, Google will now display their age, occupation, and education level next to the listing.

If you do a search for an event, Google will tell you whether it’s free or not, along with the date and time.

Google Image Results

Images are very important to internet searches. Most of us know that if we put a picture into a text document, it looks better. That’s why we use pictures in blogs and articles. But there are many other ways to add visual appeal to a webpage. For instance, we can create a slideshow of photos, embed video clips, or even display an image gallery.

Video Results

Another type of result is the video carousel. Video is becoming increasingly popular on the internet. YouTube has become a huge platform for sharing video clips. Some people upload their own videos, while others share clips from other sources. There are many types of videos available including music videos, funny videos, educational videos, news reports, sports highlights, and more.

People Also Ask

The “People also ask” section appears when someone searches for something related to your business. This shows up at the top of Google search results page, and is usually displayed next to the organic search result listings. If someone clicks on one of these links, they’ll be taken directly to another page where they can read the answer to their question.

Direct Answer Box

This is a newer type of response for simple queries that the search engine can answer directly. An example query would be “what time is it”. The search engine knows your location and thus your time zone. It simply displays the answer to your query directly on the SERP.