what is anchor text in seo

What Is Anchor Text In Seo

Anchor text is the visible link text displayed next to each hyperlink on a webpage. When someone clicks on a link, the anchor text appears in the browser window. The anchor text leading folks to a given page is important and the best way to analyze this en mass is with an seo tool.

Why Is Anchor Text Important In Seo

Links are one of the most important parts of any treatment center seo campaign. They provide credibility and authority to websites and blogs. Links are used to connect various resources together. These links can be internal or external. Internal links point toward related content on your website while external links point to other websites.

Link text is the visible text written under the link. Search engines use the anchor text to determine whether a link should be indexed and ranked. A good rule of thumb is to write descriptive and unique link texts. Try not to repeat the same keywords too many times.

Link texts are important because they tell visitors what the linked resource is all about. They give visitors some insight into the value of the linked resource. Visitors want to know whether the linked resource is worth their time.

If a visitor sees a link that says something like “Click here to read our latest article,” then the visitor knows exactly what kind of resource he/she is going to get when he/she clicks on the link. However, if the link just says “Read our latest article,” then it gives the visitor no clue as to what the linked resource actually contains.

Types Of Anchor Text


This is simply using your company name or product name in place of the URL. For instance, if I am running a blog on WordPress.com, my title would read something like this:

Brand + Keyword

If you are trying to rank highly for a specific phrase, you can use the brand name along with the keyword. For example, if you are a treatment facility, you could write something like this: Brandname Addiction Treatment Center.

Exact Match

This one is obvious, it is the exact keyword or phrase that you want to rank for.

Partial Match Keywords

Partial match keywords allow you to use multiple keywords in a single link. However, you must ensure that all those keywords are related to each other. To make the keyword partial match, part of your exact match keyword is in the anchor text.


This can be anything. Often you will see websites link in the middle of a sentence with something like “read more”. This a considered generic anchor text.

Anchor Text Best Practices

Use only 1-2 keyword phrases per page. Avoid repeating the same keyword phrase throughout the entire page. Use short sentences rather than long paragraphs. Keep the length of your link text to 50 characters or less. Don’t use hyphens or numbers.